Behind the Scenes

Life Gurus was recently given the privilege to do a collaboration with the girl bosses over at ShopWigBabes. A wig shop based out of Middleton, Idaho that sells durable, high end wigs. Whether you’re in the mood to amp up your fashion game, change your style, or even find a solution to hair loss. ShopWigBabes has you covered with amazing customer service that’s reliable, (which is super important when it comes to buying a wig).

When LG started the blog back in 2017, Amanda and Nancy had always envisioned a creative photo shoot wearing long elegant wigs. Thanks to ShopWigBabes, LG was able to bring that vision to life.

Amanda wore the cherry red, lace front wig. The amazing thing about their wigs is they are NOT made from cheap material and are super easy to use!

What’s not to love?
Nancy wore the pearl white, lace front wig. The length and volume of the wigs makes your natural hair hide perfectly!

This has no doubt been one of our favorite photo shoots thus far. When you’re ready to amp up your fashion game head over to their Instagram @shopwigbabes. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Also, another big shout out to our once again, amazing photographer, David Arnspiger. With his professionalism and guidance we were able to capture these bad-ass photos.

Tips on how to Find Your Signature Style

With the fashion industry always evolving, how are people supposed to keep up with current trends AND find their personal niche when it comes to their style? AHH, it can be so overwhelming! It’s crucial for fashionistas to find their style sweet spot in order to conquer the ever so changing fashion world with confidence. When considering your signature style, it can easily become overwhelming.


There are many different components when it comes to learning your signature style. First, you need to understand your body and how that plays into it. You must learn how to dress to your body shape and play up your favorite features with styles you have (or should have) in your closet. What colors accent your skin tone, body type, hair color? What is your body shape? Hourglass, rectangle, circle, pear? By understanding your body it’s easier to understand your style since the two go hand in hand. For more in-depth information check out, Always remember the MOST important rule, wear something you feel confident in!!


Understand the different style types (classic, modern, bohemian, rock, edgy, fashion-forward, vintage, street style, casual) As bloggers we have multiple style types that we share in our journey, but once you break it down to specifics, every individual falls under one of the categories above. Pay attention to the accessories you wear, if you like tight or loose clothing, bright or dark colors, and even down to the shoes you wear, can tell you what style type you have.


All fashionable women/men own a signature item or two that becomes part of their style identity. Have a signature accessory. For Amanda, it’s her Michael Kors gold rose watch. Her favorite part of the watch is the bling around the waistband, which allows her to dress it up for a night out or dress it down to a relaxed/bohemian style. (It’s worth every penny, who could go wrong with a watch, really?)

Nancy’s signature items are her two-inch black heel booties. What’s good about these black booties is you don’t have to be wearing a certain “style” for the shoes to match. The shoes are universal which is why it easily became Nancy’s signature accessory.


Who is your fashion inspiration? If you aren’t quite sure who your go-to fashionista is, go on Pinterest and search “style icon.” Now when you are doing your research, look beyond names and strictly focus on the outfits. Keep in mind fashion is always evolving.

Amanda’s fashion inspiration is inspired by this photo. She likes this style because it falls into her two style types which are edgy and fashion forward. “My favorite style is the one that people don’t ever see or think about wearing. I like bringing those clothes to life.”


What’s already in your closet? There’s a reason why your closet has an excess amount of a certain item which is called your, style sweet spot. Look through your closet and notice a piece or two that doesn’t fit with the overall vibe. That’s your outlier. Chances are, your odd piece symbolizes a style you LIKE but aren’t fully comfortable trying. If you’re aiming to evolve your look, consider going after pieces that feel more like that aspiration item.


Is there something people compliment you on? Play up your best style strengths, embrace it, refine it, and don’t fight it.


LG knows how crazy and hectic the fashion world can be, so we hope our little tips and tricks help take the edge off. If you would like to see how LG dresses and how we decide on what to wear according to our “style sweet spot” stay tuned for our upcoming article, see y’ all sooooon!

Much love,

Life Gurus

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February Favorites: 4 Products LG is Loving Right Now

Welcome Gurus!

Today we are sharing the 4 products we can’t get enough of this month. Let’s dive right into it!

First product is all about the booty with a walnut sugar scrub called, Anese. With spring break right around the corner, Anese is the perfect tool to get your body looking hot! This sugar scrub targets cellulite, acne and improves circulation leaving you with a soft finish. Anese is also cruelty free and they focus on bringing the purest ingredients to their customers. What’s not to love?! Our favorite part about Anese is that you can see a difference after the FIRST use. Simply rub the scrub in the designated areas and rinse, the scrub with handle the rest. Down below is the URL for you to get your own AND receive 20% off, happy shopping doll!

Referral Link: Get 20% off your first order!

Another fan favorite this month is Scentbird. This monthly subscription allows you to try various, high end perfumes, letting you find your personal fave. We were both able to find a fragrance without the commitment to buying one for the full price, since we all know how expensive high end perfume can be. In under 3 minutes, Scentbird created a profile personalized for us and we were able to pick the perfume we wanted to try that month. This month we personally selected the Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue and fell in love with it! The best thing about Scentbird is that it allows you to try 200 different perfumes at a fraction of the price. Use the link below for your first free frangrance!

referral link:

Amanda was looking for a long lasting matte lipstick and she tried out the new long wear, Metallic collection from Too Faced. She went with the shade, “Pillow Talk” this shade is the perfect nude that could also be paired with any lipstick

ps: pair this with Too Faced “Suck it” for your perfect everyday look!

This matte lipstick, Pillow Talk became our monthly favorite because it lasts all day and doesn’t dry out your lips like other matte lipsticks we have tried. Too Faced has easily become our go to brand for long lasting lip wear. One thing is for certain we will never leave the house without this lipstick!

The final product we would like to share would be the First Aid Beauty Ultra repair cream. With this dry Colorado weather, Nancy was looking for heavy moisturizer to use in the morning and at night. She was first introduced to the First Aid brand through Ipsy and instantly fell in love. Its creamy texture absorbs into the skin and its the perfect moisturizer to prep your face before foundation. We would love for you guys to give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

Try it for the best hydration yet!
We hope you all give these a try & let us know what you think. Lookout for our March favorites next month! Life Gurus

Celery Juice Detox

Welcome Back!

Celery is commonly used in combination with other ingredients to create highly nutritious, raw, fresh juices. But did you know that pure celery has unique regenerating and healing properties which are enhanced when it’s juiced on its own?

Life Gurus was introduced to this cleanse by the #1 New York Times best-selling author, Anthony William who is also known as, Medical Medium. Anthony was born with the unique ability to converse with “Spirit of Compassion” who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s often far ahead of its time. Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health. Along the way, he gained the love and trust of movie stars, rock stars, billionaires, professional athletes, and best-selling authors.

Now my friends let’s hear why the celery juice cleanse is good for you!

By Drinking 16 ounces of pure juiced celery on an empty stomach, you will experience healing properties like:

  • Purifying the blood stream
  • Highly Detoxifying
  • No more bloating
  • Anti – Inflammatory
  • Clearer Skin
  • More Energy
  • Helps Depression
  • Better Sleep
  • Pack with Antioxidants
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Heals the gut

We, Life Gurus have started to incorporate this cleanse into our morning routine and so far we love it. It’s refreshing, has an overall good taste and it makes you feel good! It’s a great way to kick-start your morning and set a good eating pattern throughout the day. We are on day 4 of this cleanse so we will check back after 2 weeks to let you know our end result. Keep in mind this cleanse doesn’t have to stop since it is completely safe and healthy to drink juiced celery everyday. Look out for our YouTube review in a couple of weeks!

For more information on celery juice and the amazing medical medium check out

Much Love,

Life Gurus

Allison Nicole Designs

Life Gurus recently got the chance to work with the accomplished, Allison Berger with Allison Nicole Designs. Inspired by the female figure, Allison creates custom designed gowns with soft and flowing fabrics.

Allison has had a passion for fashion since she was a little girl, her inspiration comes from her grandmother, as she was the one to ignite Allison’s love for design. She received her first sowing kit when she was twelve years old, Allison’s love for fashion only grew from there.

Life Gurus appreciates all the incredible work this young woman does, Allison’s pieces are full of detail and you can see the love she has in this industry through her designs.

We were grateful enough to wear her pieces in two different settings, first for an exclusive photo shoot then to the Denver Fashion Show. Life Gurus is honored to represent Allison in these amazing photos/videos!

For more check out,

ALSO a big shout out to the photographer, Jaylene Urdiales for these amazing photos. Check out her Instagram page at, jurdialesphotog.

For behind the scenes of our photo shoot follow our YouTube page at 

Much love,

Life Gurus

Pearls with Mirtha Art

Welcome back to our page!

Life Gurus recently got the privilege to work with the talented jewelry designer, Mirtha Boles. With the help of Mirtha and our photographer David Arnspiger, Life Gurus was able to make two pearl outfits come to life.

Amanda wore a glamorous headpiece full of pearls, swarovski crystals, seashells and different beading’s. Paired with the headpiece was a four strand pearl necklace, the two pieces together made a beautiful duo!


Nancy’s piece was nothing less then extravagant, the headpiece was a made from pearls which complimented her pearl bodysuit. Life Gurus loved the pearl bodysuit as it was able to fit both our body types.


The pearl project has always been a dream for Life Gurus since the beginning of our blog careers! Our team was able to create beautifully unique pearl pieces, we are blessed for this opportunity and we would like to honor, Mirtha Boles and David Arnspiger, as their amazing skills shine once again.

We hope you all enjoy the rest of the photos just as much as we do!


Life Gurus

For more:

Facebook : Mirtha Santacruz (Mirtha Boles)

Birthday Bash

We both recently turned the big 2 1! To celebrate our birthday’s, we did a collaboration with our wonderful photographer, David Arnspiger. Together we co-created vibrant and playful pictures and we’re excited to show you guys the final outcome and take you all on our journey with us.

The outfits we chose for this shoot had spring vibes, with bright colors and flower print for both looks. The pictures are down below, let us know your thoughts, we’re very excited for this new chapter in our lives. Also wanted to give a huge thanks to our photographer David, for always creating such elegant pictures. Go check out more of his beautiful work at


Life Gurus

DFW PT. II Arriving in Style


If you had a choice to wear any outfit, no matter the size or price, what would you pick?  How would you describe your style? It took us, as bloggers, a while to fully understand our style and still to this day, it keeps evolving. Since we started our blog, we have been exposed to many different styles ranging from bohemian, all the way to rock n’ roll. Throughout exploring these different styles we were able to understand what we like best about fashion, and now we’re able to put in our personal touch.

We were super excited to attend another night of the DFW and this time we were able to show our readers our personal style. We chose our own outfits that expressed who we are as fashion bloggers and we’re super excited to show you all!

Amanda’s style of choice gave her a bold, structured, unexpected and authentic style. “Be abnormal; being normal is too predictable for your brand.” Amanda is all about bringing freshness and uniqueness to fashion through her style, she says by standing out you’re able to really catch the eye of others.


Nancy would describe her style as more casual chic. She loves elegant and classy pieces and a good go-to outfit for her will always be a jumpsuit or a romper. She’s been in love with the uniqueness of rompers, they’re very body flattering and they’re an easy outfit to style. With a jumpsuit, you can either dress it down with sandals or dress it up with heels and a leather jacket like she chose to do so for The Denver Fashion Week.



Being apart of The DFW for the third time was such a blessing. We were exposed to many different styles that came from the models walking in the show to the audience. It was such an authentic night that everyone should experience.

We are grateful that we were able to share our journey with you all. Huge thanks to everyone that made the night so perfect!

Much Love,

Life Gurus

Denver Fashion Show

Welcome back!

To celebrate fashion week, we wanted to collaborate with a local designer in Denver. We were looking for someone unique that brings fresh ideas to the fashion industry and that’s when we met Duane & Jaime Topping. These individuals are such an inspiration, and they’re all about empowerment and breaking common stereotypes.

Their main message is focused around perspective. Everything they do challenges the hegemonic perspective of the standard image. Their primary goal has always been to show that beauty, strength, and power is in everyone, and there are no limits to where you can find it. They both believe clothing is merely dead fabric on a hanger until someone puts them on, and that’s when they come to life!  Each individual has a unique power they bring to each garment,  and that diversity should be celebrated! Duane and Jaime both truly care about everyone they work with and love elevating those around them.

We had the honor of bringing one of Duane’s most iconic designs to life by wearing them on our first night of the Denver Fashion Show. These dresses featured 6 ft sleeves and metal chains. These pieces were part of the 2017 runway collection and we both felt like complete bad asses in them! We’re so grateful to have met Duane, he showed us a completely different side of fashion and we’re looking forward to future collaborations this year.

The show was nothing but incredible we hope you all enjoy the pictures!


Life Gurus