Denver Fashion Show

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To celebrate fashion week, we wanted to collaborate with a local designer in Denver. We were looking for someone unique that brings fresh ideas to the fashion industry and that’s when we met Duane & Jaime Topping. These individuals are such an inspiration, and they’re all about empowerment and breaking common stereotypes.

Their main message is focused around perspective. Everything they do challenges the hegemonic perspective of the standard image. Their primary goal has always been to show that beauty, strength, and power is in everyone, and there are no limits to where you can find it. They both believe clothing is merely dead fabric on a hanger until someone puts them on, and that’s when they come to life!  Each individual has a unique power they bring to each garment,  and that diversity should be celebrated! Duane and Jaime both truly care about everyone they work with and love elevating those around them.

We had the honor of bringing one of Duane’s most iconic designs to life by wearing them on our first night of the Denver Fashion Show. These dresses featured 6 ft sleeves and metal chains. These pieces were part of the 2017 runway collection and we both felt like complete bad asses in them! We’re so grateful to have met Duane, he showed us a completely different side of fashion and we’re looking forward to future collaborations this year.

The show was nothing but incredible we hope you all enjoy the pictures!


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