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Growing up we were always taught to be the best versions of ourselves. To express love whenever it’s needed, to be a good friend and to always be someone’s light. People were not born to live a life with limited energy. We are meant to experience life to its fullest and have everything we aspire for. Finding the real beauty in each moment is where our adventure begins.

We are Amanda Raisch and Nancy Nunez, the creators and designers of Life Gurus. We are fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Denver CO. We met when we were 8 years old when we became neighbors, and the rest was history. We’ve always had a love for fashion  and we’ve always envisioned our future in the fashion industry. After months of brainstorming we decided to take a chance and that’s when we created our fashion blog. We set up our first shoot with the talented,  David Arnspiger and since then we’ve worked and partnered up with designers, entrepreneurs and overall empowering people in the Denver area. We’re excited to expand our blog throughout the country and taking our followers through our journey.


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