DFW PT. II Arriving in Style


If you had a choice to wear any outfit, no matter the size or price, what would you pick?  How would you describe your style? It took us, as bloggers, a while to fully understand our style and still to this day, it keeps evolving. Since we started our blog, we have been exposed to many different styles ranging from bohemian, all the way to rock n’ roll. Throughout exploring these different styles we were able to understand what we like best about fashion, and now we’re able to put in our personal touch.

We were super excited to attend another night of the DFW and this time we were able to show our readers our personal style. We chose our own outfits that expressed who we are as fashion bloggers and we’re super excited to show you all!

Amanda’s style of choice gave her a bold, structured, unexpected and authentic style. “Be abnormal; being normal is too predictable for your brand.” Amanda is all about bringing freshness and uniqueness to fashion through her style, she says by standing out you’re able to really catch the eye of others.


Nancy would describe her style as more casual chic. She loves elegant and classy pieces and a good go-to outfit for her will always be a jumpsuit or a romper. She’s been in love with the uniqueness of rompers, they’re very body flattering and they’re an easy outfit to style. With a jumpsuit, you can either dress it down with sandals or dress it up with heels and a leather jacket like she chose to do so for The Denver Fashion Week.



Being apart of The DFW for the third time was such a blessing. We were exposed to many different styles that came from the models walking in the show to the audience. It was such an authentic night that everyone should experience.

We are grateful that we were able to share our journey with you all. Huge thanks to everyone that made the night so perfect!

Much Love,

Life Gurus

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