Tips on how to Find Your Signature Style

With the fashion industry always evolving, how are people supposed to keep up with current trends AND find their personal niche when it comes to their style? AHH, it can be so overwhelming! It’s crucial for fashionistas to find their style sweet spot in order to conquer the ever so changing fashion world with confidence. When considering your signature style, it can easily become overwhelming.


There are many different components when it comes to learning your signature style. First, you need to understand your body and how that plays into it. You must learn how to dress to your body shape and play up your favorite features with styles you have (or should have) in your closet. What colors accent your skin tone, body type, hair color? What is your body shape? Hourglass, rectangle, circle, pear? By understanding your body it’s easier to understand your style since the two go hand in hand. For more in-depth information check out, Always remember the MOST important rule, wear something you feel confident in!!


Understand the different style types (classic, modern, bohemian, rock, edgy, fashion-forward, vintage, street style, casual) As bloggers we have multiple style types that we share in our journey, but once you break it down to specifics, every individual falls under one of the categories above. Pay attention to the accessories you wear, if you like tight or loose clothing, bright or dark colors, and even down to the shoes you wear, can tell you what style type you have.


All fashionable women/men own a signature item or two that becomes part of their style identity. Have a signature accessory. For Amanda, it’s her Michael Kors gold rose watch. Her favorite part of the watch is the bling around the waistband, which allows her to dress it up for a night out or dress it down to a relaxed/bohemian style. (It’s worth every penny, who could go wrong with a watch, really?)

Nancy’s signature items are her two-inch black heel booties. What’s good about these black booties is you don’t have to be wearing a certain “style” for the shoes to match. The shoes are universal which is why it easily became Nancy’s signature accessory.


Who is your fashion inspiration? If you aren’t quite sure who your go-to fashionista is, go on Pinterest and search “style icon.” Now when you are doing your research, look beyond names and strictly focus on the outfits. Keep in mind fashion is always evolving.

Amanda’s fashion inspiration is inspired by this photo. She likes this style because it falls into her two style types which are edgy and fashion forward. “My favorite style is the one that people don’t ever see or think about wearing. I like bringing those clothes to life.”


What’s already in your closet? There’s a reason why your closet has an excess amount of a certain item which is called your, style sweet spot. Look through your closet and notice a piece or two that doesn’t fit with the overall vibe. That’s your outlier. Chances are, your odd piece symbolizes a style you LIKE but aren’t fully comfortable trying. If you’re aiming to evolve your look, consider going after pieces that feel more like that aspiration item.


Is there something people compliment you on? Play up your best style strengths, embrace it, refine it, and don’t fight it.


LG knows how crazy and hectic the fashion world can be, so we hope our little tips and tricks help take the edge off. If you would like to see how LG dresses and how we decide on what to wear according to our “style sweet spot” stay tuned for our upcoming article, see y’ all sooooon!

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