International Women’s Day

Today is a special day as we celebrate, International Women’s Day. Celebrated annually on March 8th, this day is to honor the social, economic, cultural, and political achienvements of women around the world. With the worlds, “Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap” the findings showed that gender parity is still over 200 years away, pushing this year’s global theme to, #PressForProgress. Over time we’ve established a strong and growing global movement of advocacy, activism, and support to help us women through this journey. Today is a reminder to all women to love the skin you’re in, support your sisters, and make each step you take in this world divine.

To help honor, we’ve compiled a list of empowering quotes from strong female leaders.


  • “I feel so blessed to be a woman. I feel so blessed to be a person of color. I feel so blessed to be from the boogie down Bronx. I have so many things to be grateful for. And so I think part of my wanting my march towards change is so that I never feel that those things are limiting factors. That those are parts of the mosaic of who I am, but that they don’t somehow put a limit to my trajectory.” – Kerry Washington, Actress
  • “The thing that I would like to say to younger women is that it is so much more fun being in charge. And it is so much easier being in charge. You have more money. You have more support. You have more sort of bureaucratic support around you. And that’s not a message that women get in our culture. We get a message that ambition is bad, that you’re probably rapacious, that you’ve probably stabbed everybody along the way to get here, which is a super negative message.” – Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer, Hearst
  • “There will be plenty of times where being a woman is probably not helping your career, so when it does, take the opportunity and then stand out. Really show that you’re something special.” – Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture North America


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