We had the honor of working with Nuorikko, a bridal company, whose mission is to bring freshness to the bridal industry. The designer and founder Kaitlyn Thomas, is an inspiration as she has created a global movement. Her goal is to empower women and brides by giving them the opportunity to create their own bridal look, while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible. Kaitlyn Thomas stated “As a designer, as an innovator, I believe I have a duty and an obligation to use what I know (about the apparel industry) to make this world a better place.”

With Denver Fashion weekend approaching, we wanted to find a unique designer to work with. After meeting with Kaitlyn and learning about her mission, we knew we had to collaborate with her.  The mix and match concept in her collection stood out to us which is why we were excited to work with her collection.

For the first night of the Denver Fashion show we got the privilege of wearing custom Nuorikko pieces put together by us. We loved the idea of wearing white on white since it’s such a elegant look that’s perfect for a fashion event.

Nancy choose the beautiful form fitting Sofi skirt. This skirt is high-waisted and really hugs your body in all of the right places. As soon as we saw the Lytti top we knew one of us had to wear it, it has a see through material and that’s so in right now! Nancy decided to wear it with a white bralette underneath. This went together with the Sofi skirt and created a sexy look that really went beyond bridal.


For Amanda’s look, she chose the white, sheer Linnea skirt. The skirt is the perfect accompaniment to many bridal ensembles. The woven waistband, followed with the sheer fabric, gave the look an edgy and elegant influence.

Amanda paired the Linnea skirt with a sophisticated, modern Annikki body suit. The deep V neck and the back button up made the Annikki body suit a perfect match to the Linnea skirt. The two pieces together created accents that were edgy, minimal, and dramatic.

Being a part of Nuorikko and collaborating with Kaitlyn Thomas, was very special to us. Her kind heart and visions for her company was inspiring, and we can’t wait to do more projects with her in the future. Pictures from Denver Fashion Weekend  as well as Nuorikko’s website  are posted below. Please check them both out and show some love.

Much love,

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