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In the heart of Denver is a local boutique, Hailee and Grace, opened by two best friends with the same passion for fashion. The owners, Grace Buttorff and Hailee Satterfield, are such an inspiration in the business world. These women had a vision, and they followed their dreams by opening a boutique in a popular area known as Larimer Square. With their boutique in such a great business location, it brings in a lot of clientele. Their clothing line is very universal, making it easy to fit everybody’s style. The outfits we chose gave us the opportunity to have a “rocker style” look followed by elegant business attire.

The range of collections allowed us to pick outfits that described our personal styles. For our first look, we picked pieces that were edgy and had a rocker influence. We wanted our picks to resemble outfits we could would wear on a night out.

Nancy wore a black leather skirt and a black bralette with an oversized denim jacket over it.


Amanda wore a black velvet skirt with a cropped long sleeve sweater.


All of these pieces can be paired up differently; the sweater is perfect for fall looks and can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with casual jeans. One of our favorites was the denim sequence jacket that stands out from a typical denim jacket. The best part about this denim jacket was it reminded us both of a jean jacket we shared in middle school. Therefore as soon as we saw this piece we knew we had to use it for our shoot!


For the second look, we took a different approach and decided to pick outfits that fit in the work setting. We would wear something like this to a business meeting.

Amanda wore high-waisted wide legged pant, with a flowery velvet top. IMG_1131.JPG

Nancy wore a flower pattern pant with a form fitting lace jumpsuit.


Below is their website URL, make sure you check it out for these outfits and more. Enjoy the rest of the pictures!



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