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We had the privilege working with the company Dash and Dare. It’s based online and the founder, Kirsten Davis runs the business in the comfort of her own home. Dash and Dare is a mix of modern street wear and chic apparel it’s unique, fashionable and affordable on any budget. This online boutique’s name originated from Kirsten’s dashing style and her husband’s daring persona. Her vision is to keep growing her online presence and her local clientele, a way of doing that is by hosting a monthly open studio.  The open studio gives the customers a chance to try on the clothing and gives Kirsten the opportunity to make connections with her clients. Clothes are a reflection of her personal style gravitating to pieces you can multi task with. You’ll find anything from statement pieces, to classic patterns with a bohemian and rocker influence.

Some of our favorite pieces are shown in the pictures above. For Nancy we choose a white jumpsuit that was lightweight, and we loved how it wasn’t too tight or too loose. The purple blouse comes in different colors and can be layered or left alone depending on the weather. For Amanda we choose a pair of brown pants with a velvet texture. This texture is phenomenal, we’ve seriously never felt something like it. The maroon bomber jacket worn by Amanda gives the perfect edgy look to any outfit. Both of us paired our outfits with tan booties, these were fabulous! The open toe concept stands them apart from your average bootie. Another piece we both used were the low rise denim jeans, they come in both black and white and they’re very form fitting.

Overall this was amazing opportunity. Kirsten is such an inspiration and she puts love into everything she does which shows in her clothing. The URL is down below go checkout her site, trust us you won’t regret it! Stay tuned for her next open studio.

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