We had the opportunity to work with Brittany a self employed entrepreneur that started her own boutique here in Denver, Colorado. Billie’s is a mix of Chicago and Denver modern street wear that is both comfortable and fashionable. After talking to Brittany and getting to know her a little better we figured out what inspired her to open her own boutique. She has always been passionate about clothing, while she was in high school she would design her own clothes and when she graduated she knew she wanted to get into fashion. Years later she got hired to work for a magazine later realizing that wasn’t her passion in life. That’s when Billie’s was born.

When shooting with the clothing, we immediately realized how comfortable and soft the material was which was something we look out for. The style is very free spirit and edgy so it’s easy for everyone to keep up with current trends. Our favorite pieces were the denim jeans and skirt you see in the pictures. It fit our curves very well and the cut off style in both of them is very new and modern. We also loved the navy blue jumpsuit, it’s a piece you can dress up with heels and can be worn in both summer and fall seasons. Overall, the atmosphere that Billie’s brings is something everyone should experience. We hope you guys enjoy the pictures!!

Much love,

Life Gurus


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